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Guiyang North Railway Station Comprehensive Transportation Hub Project Guiyang North Passenger Station Project
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Guiyang North Passenger Station is located in Peixi Village, Dairy Farm, Wudang District, with a total area of 6.42 hectares. Together with Guiyang East Railway Station, it forms a comprehensive transportation hub at Guiyang East Railway Station, providing passengers with long-distance coach services at Guiyang East Railway Station.

The Guiyang North Passenger Station project is planned as a first-class passenger station with a total investment of about 530 million yuan and a total area of about 64,000 square meters. The construction content includes a comprehensive building, a waiting station, auxiliary buildings, a square in front of the station, a parking lot, Parking spaces, green belts, etc. According to the plan, the station is equipped with about 256 parking spaces, about 24 parking spaces, and sends 20,000 passengers a day. It is mainly used for road trips for residents in the newly-added area, and for highway passenger travel in the central urban area (northeast region) of Guiyang. Interchange between railway passengers and the organization of public-rail transportation to provide services. The directions of radiation are mainly in Zunyi, Sichuan, Chongqing, etc. in northern Guiyang, and Kaiyang, Tongren, etc. in northeast Guiyang.