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Guiyang Passenger East Station Project
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Guiyang East Passenger Station and comprehensive supporting projects are key projects in Guiyang City. This project is a national first-level passenger station. It is a modern integrated transportation interchange hub and urban comprehensive transportation hub that integrates highway passenger transportation, urban light rail, urban bus, rental, and social vehicles. It is also an important national highway transportation hub. The project was put into operation on December 11, 2014.

The project is located in Shuba Village and Yunpan Village, Xiaobi Township, Nanming District, close to the old southwestern ring road. The total construction area of the project is 436,000 square meters. The content of the project is divided into two parts: a first-class passenger station and comprehensive supporting facilities.

The total construction area of the first-level passenger station: 57,000 square meters; including the station building, ancillary buildings in the square in front of the station, underground parking lot, parking lot, the square in front of the station, green square, long-distance bus parking spaces, and light rail line 2 station.

The total construction area of the comprehensive supporting part: 379,000 square meters; including residential, commercial, hotel, office building, underground parking spaces, etc.