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Party Branch of Tongyuan Company of Communications Group Launches "Party Day Emancipation"
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On June 2nd, the party branch of Tongyuan Company carried out a party day event with the theme of "emancipating the mind, taking responsibility, doing practical work", and the leader of the group, Comrade Chen Yixian, attended the meeting and instructed, and all party members and employees of the company participated in the activity.

In order to better emancipate the minds of party members, cadres, and employees in their work, and firmly establish a spirit of hard work and courage to take responsibility, the Tongyuan Company of the Communication Group fully integrates party building work with corporate culture in accordance with its own development plans and goals. Plan for the brand idea of "Developing with the party and promoting development with the party", actively mobilize the enthusiasm, creativity and initiative of all party members, cadres and employees, and ensure that the company's party building brand "grasps party building and fortification and concentrates on promoting development" "One Enterprise Yipin "creation work has achieved practical results.

At the meeting, the secretary of the Party branch of Tongyuan Company faced the problems in five aspects: carefully searching for problems in ideological concepts and style building, strengthening political consciousness, improving ideological standing, strengthening responsibility consciousness, courage to act, strictly observing the political bottom line, not using power for personal gain, and promoting righteousness and establishing an image. "Emancipating the mind, taking the responsibility, doing what is practical, and doing something" was deeply explained. All party members and cadres are required to make full use of the opportunities for group restructuring and development, emancipate their minds, and actively participate in the upsurge of the company's transformation and development. They always take the lead in demonstration and leadership, seek truth, pragmatism, dare, and good deeds, and firmly establish "party building and production." The idea of "operating a game of chess", thinking with one heart and one heart, twisting into a rope, escorting the transformation and development of the transportation group, and creating a good production and operation environment!

Comrade Chen Yixian pointed out that emancipating the mind is a new requirement for us in the new era and new situation. As a member of Tongyuan Company, we must have a firm heart for accomplishing things and a courageous determination to take responsibility. We must thoroughly cleanse our minds. Analyze the poor phenomena such as mediocrity, laziness, neglect, non-compliance, incompetence and inaction, slow behavior, and disorderly behavior, and constantly improve yourself to be a clear-headed person who is willing to assume and act. Tongyuan Company should take advantage of the restructuring of the group to further clarify the development goals, clarify the thinking, grasp the work on ideas, implement the ideas into action, and take practical rectification measures for its own problems to emancipate the mind. Pioneer, a model of real hard work, and promote the development and transformation of Tongyuan Company to a new level!