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Implementing production safety responsibilities to prevent safety production accidents
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On the afternoon of May 31st, Jun Jun, the person in charge of the project management company of the Transportation Group, hosted an emergency meeting on safety in production, emphasizing the strict implementation of the responsibility for safety in production and the prevention of safety in production accidents. All employees of the project management company attended the meeting.

The meeting conveyed and learned the work instructions given by Guiyang Vice Mayor Wang Yan at the work safety conference of municipal state-owned enterprises, the “Urban SASAC Emergency Notice on Effectively Doing Current Work Safety Work”, and the spirit of the Transportation Group Emergency Work Safety Conference. During the Expo, two security accidents occurred in the hub company of the group company and the Wulian Group. It is required to firmly establish the concept of safety development, strengthen the awareness of the safety red line, further implement the responsibility for production safety, and do a good job in safety management.

In light of the heavy rainfall in the recent flood season, the long duration, and the serious situation of safety in production, we will do a good job in the near future. The meeting requested that the participating units of the project under construction attach great importance to the importance and necessity of safe production, strictly observe the awareness of the safety production red line, and strengthen the responsibility of the main body of production safety; the participating units should do a good job in emergency plans for flood season, materials and personnel in flood season, etc. Preparatory work; the company must establish a safety production inspection team to immediately carry out a special large-scale safety inspection of the asset management sites that cooperate within its jurisdiction; the engineering department must strengthen the inspection of completed and unhanded roads, and must first detect the existing problems The construction unit shall be notified to deal with it within a time limit, and the supervision unit shall supervise the implementation throughout the process; it is necessary to strengthen the safety management of the office area of the project management company, formulate relevant plans and measures to strengthen the safety management of fire prevention, anti-theft and power consumption in the office area; The Notice on Doing Duty on Duty in the 2019 Flood Season requires that from now until September, the duty on duty be strengthened, and the leadership system and the 24-hour duty system be implemented during the flood season. The on-duty leaders and personnel ensure that mobile phones are available 24 hours a day, in case of emergencies Report in a timely manner to avoid all kinds of security It.