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Transportation Group Hub Company Held a Mobilization Meeting on Safety Production Flood Control, Flood Crossing and “Safe Production Month” Activities in 2019
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In order to further implement the requirements of the “Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission's Urgent Notice on Effectively Safeguarding Current Production Work” and the spirit of the emergency meeting of the Safety Production Work of the Transportation Group, on the morning of May 31, Song Yinbo, the General Manager of the Transportation Group Hub Company presided over the safety production of the projects under construction Flood prevention, flood crossing and mobilization meeting for "Safe Production Month" in 2019. Ding Yingping, the deputy leader and deputy general manager of the Transportation Group, attended the meeting. All the staff of the hub company's engineering department and the quality and safety department, and the main persons in charge of the construction, supervision, and monitoring units of the projects under construction participated in the meeting.

The meeting carefully analyzed the causes of safety accidents in the recent law, and deployed the next step of production safety: First, all departments and units should combine the “Safety Production Month” activities in 2019 to organize quality and safety hazards for projects under construction Make major investigations and rectifications, establish a ledger for the hidden dangers detected, formulate measures, and rectify the cancellation of each one. The second is led by the hub company, and all participating units actively cooperate to carry out accident emergency drills in a solid manner to effectively enhance the awareness of the safety red line and improve emergency response capabilities. Thirdly, pay attention to meteorological warnings in time, and further strengthen the flood season safety management of important links such as deep foundation pits, high slopes, lifting equipment, temporary electricity use, and high-altitude operations, especially for severe weather and important surrounding buildings. Security protection; strengthen the construction of emergency teams, increase emergency material reserves, strengthen inspections of surrounding drainage and flood drainage facilities, and unblock in a timely manner. Fourth, from today to the end of the flood season, each construction, supervision, and monitoring unit of a project under construction must strictly implement a 24-hour duty and leading cadres system to strengthen information reporting. Fifth, the person in charge of each project under construction and the person in charge of security must strictly implement the leave cancellation system to ensure that the mobile phone is turned on 24 hours a day. Sixth , the spirit of the meeting should be timely communicated and implemented to the front-line teams and teams, and all employees should be publicized in terms of ideology and consciousness, which should be effectively implemented to further improve the project's work safety.