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"Poverty Alleviation" Sends Warmth
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In order to implement the requirements of Guiyang Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zhao Deming to Wangmo, Xingyi and other places to investigate poverty alleviation and counterpart assistance work instructions, and carry forward the fine tradition of actively fulfilling social responsibilities, on June 28th, on the eve of the Party Day, the Communications Group Project Management Company The party branch and the supporting road engineering project department of Daguan Town, Damo Town, Wangmo County, China Railway Tunnel, went to Datang Village, Daguan Town, Wangmo County to jointly carry out the "Poverty Alleviation" July theme party day activity for the two families in Datang Village. Households send daily necessities such as rapeseed oil and rice, and send them holiday greetings and blessings.

All party members of the party branch of the project management company, and staff of the road construction project of Dachen Town, Wangmo County, China Railway and Central Tunnel, accompanied by the village committee, visited the construction of the road construction project of Daguan Town, Wangmo County. Visited the poor households and held discussions with village committee members. The party branch also presented the "history track", "unremitting struggle", "great dreams", "the era of powerful nations", "the reform and opening up to the end", and "reading of branch work regulations" to the village committee and village party members: the party of the new era Ten Lectures on the Work of the Branch "," Ping language is close to the people-General Secretary Xi Jinping's Code "," The Communist Party members always have the same original intention and mission "and other books.

After the symposium, the acting secretary of the party branch of the project management company organized a collective oath to revisit the party members ’oaths, so that each party member did not forget to enter the party ’s heart, always remember the mission of the party members, and accept the purification and baptism of the soul under the party ’s banner. The political responsibilities and historical missions of Communist Party members, devote themselves to their work with fuller enthusiasm, earnestly play the role of pioneers and exemplary members of Communist Party members, and maintain the political nature of Party members.