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Guiyang Transportation Group Asset Management Co., Ltd.
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Guiyang Transportation Group Asset Operation Management Co., Ltd. was approved by the Municipal SASAC on April 1, 2013 to change the commercial asphalt company to form an asset company with a registered capital of 30 million yuan. Guiyang Water Conservancy and Transportation Investment Development (Group) Co., Ltd. City Transportation Investment Development Group Co., Ltd.) fully invested in the holding, and completed the verification of the registered capital on April 23, 2013.

Company management: non-financial project investment and asset management; real estate development and management; property management, housing lease, warehousing services (excluding dangerous goods storage); outdoor advertising space leasing; outdoor advertising design, production, release; sales of building materials, transportation Equipment, second and third category of mechanical and electrical products, mineral products (except special items); gardens and greening; tourism project development; hotel management; house collection consulting services; auto beauty services; highway operation and toll collection.

The company has one general manager and one executive director and one deputy general manager. There are 64 employees and one room, three departments and one station: General Office, Finance Department, Planning Department, Operation Department and Toll Station.

The company has a wholly-owned subsidiary: Guiyang Jintaide Investment Development Co., Ltd. A joint stock company: Guiyang Crescent Taxi Co., Ltd. (accounting for 15%).