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City Communications Group organized the inspection of Wulian Company in the first half of the year
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According to the relevant requirements of the Guiyang Transportation Group Corporation's Implementation Opinions on Party Style, Clean Government Construction and Anti-Corruption in 2019 (Zhuo Jiaotongfa Department Party [2019] No. 24), members of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of the Municipal Transportation Group Xie Wenguang led the inspection team. On July 15, 2019, the in-depth review of the implementation of the Party's work style and clean government in the first half of 2019 was carried out by the IoT Company, and the "Two Responsibilities" of the Party's Work Style and Integrity Construction were seriously implemented by the IoT Company to further strengthen the responsibility and implement the " "One post and two responsibilities" has ensured that every aspect of the party's work style and clean government construction has played a positive role.

He Xianzhong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Wulian Company, reported to the inspection team of the group company in detail about the development of the party's work style and clean government in the first half of the year. Subsequently, the inspection team carefully reviewed the company's party style and clean government construction, grassroots party organization construction, implemented the second quarter of the company's normalized supervision and inspection rectification, implemented the spirit of the eight central regulations, and corrected the "four winds" work, "three public funds" review, Use and management, travel expenses reimbursement, recruitment, personnel appointment and removal, and other work archives. Provide on-site feedback on issues such as themed party days and party member education, single travel expense reimbursement requires cross-approval, and buses need to perform bicycle accounting. The personnel of relevant functional departments communicated and exchanged opinions on further improving the quality of work.

In response to the feedback from the inspection team, Xie Wenguang, member of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of the Municipal Transportation Group, put forward specific requirements for Wulian to fully implement the arrangements and arrangements of the Party Committee of the Group Company for effectively strengthening the work of party style and clean government. It is emphasized that party organizations at all levels must resolutely eliminate the phenomenon of "two skins" that emphasizes business and light party construction, and solidly promotes the standardization and standardized construction of party branches. Combining with the company's own business, it should innovate the party construction work and better work. Bring into play the exemplary role of grassroots party organization fortresses and party members.

In order to conscientiously implement the rectification of the problem, the Party Committee of Wulian Company convened relevant personnel such as the Party Committee Office, the Administrative Office, the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office, the Human Resources Department, and the Financial Management Department to convene a working meeting at 14:00 on the same day to promptly report the problems of the semi-annual inspection and feedback of the Municipal Communications Group. Requires all departments to revise and improve the relevant management system in accordance with feedback issues, strictly implement procedures and systems, and extend the implementation of rectification of the feedback problems of the inspection and inspection of the municipal transportation group to secondary enterprises, work hard on benchmarking, strengthen supervision and constraints, and regularly Check the implementation and ensure that the rectification tasks are implemented.