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Notice on Settlement of Current Accounts
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The following organizations are invited:

1. Shenzhou Great Wall Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. (Tongyin Road Project)

2. Lei Dun Electric Door Operation Department (East Passenger Station Project), Nanming District, Guiyang City

3. Guangzhou Puhehui Building Materials Co., Ltd. (East Railway Station Project)

4. Guizhou Chenyun Transportation Facilities Engineering Co., Ltd. (East Passenger Station Project)

5. Guizhou Baisheng Engineering Construction Consulting Co., Ltd. (East Railway Station Project)

6. Guizhou Wanda Bus Co., Ltd. (Huaxi Qingyanbao Project)

7. Guizhou Ping'an Jiuyuan Blasting Evaluation Supervision Co., Ltd. (South Second Ring Project)

8. Beijing Xingtong Transportation Engineering Supervision Co., Ltd. (Shanghai toll station project)

9. Guizhou Provincial Geological Engineering Survey Institute (South Second Ring Road, East Second Ring Road Project)

10. School of Civil Engineering and Architecture of Guizhou University (South Second Ring Project)

Go to Guiyang Transportation Investment Development Group Co., Ltd. to handle the settlement of current funds before November 25, 2019. If the payment is not overdue, all consequences will be borne by itself.

Company Address: Financial Management Department, 25th Floor, Jinbei Building, Jinyang North Road, Guanshan Lake District, Guiyang City

Phone: 0851—84808657

Contact: Shen Yu

Guiyang Transportation Investment Development Group Co., Ltd.

November 20, 2019