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Strictly grasp the supervision and strive hard for practical results
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Chen Xiquan, the leader of the sixteenth tour guidance group of the Guiyang Municipal Party Committee, came to the city transportation group bus company for investigation and guidance

On the afternoon of November 18, Chen Xiquan, the leader of the 16th Guiding Team of the Guiyang Municipal Party Committee, led a team to the Jinyang Bus Station Bus Terminal of the Municipal Transportation Group Bus Company to investigate and guide the development of the theme of “Not forgetting the original intention and remembering the mission”. Chen Bing, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Bus Company of the Municipal Transportation Group, Sun Lin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, General Manager Sun Lin, and party and government leaders and fleet officials of Jinyang Branch accompanied the investigation.

Leader Chen Xiquan and his team first came to the bus waiting lane of Jinyang Bus Station. Under the introduction of the party secretary of a fleet of Jinyang Branch, they had a detailed understanding of the passenger flow, security and daily work of the station. Subsequently, in the fleet meeting room, the research team and the team listened to the report on the progress of the education work of the party committee of the bus company and the branch of the company's theme of “do not forget the original intention, remember the mission”.

After listening carefully to the report, the leader of Chen Xiquan first fully affirmed the effectiveness of the party committee of the bus company in the theme education work. He said that the party committee of the bus company is resolute and quick in implementing the decision-making and deployment of the party committees of the central, provincial, municipal and municipal transportation groups, and has implemented the requirements of the theme education effectively. In the theme education activities, the bus company effectively played the role of the party branch at the grassroots level as a fighting fortress, and the party members and cadres also played a vanguard and exemplary role, showing the good looks of Guiyang state-owned enterprises.

Chen Xiquan's requirements: We should further focus on the main theme and promote the application of the theme education achievements in the transformation and development of enterprises; we should further review and rectify issues in accordance with the party constitution and party regulations, classify the rectification issues, make lists, and ensure the quality of rectification; Leading cadres to build a cohesive and appealing team of cadres; through the solid development of thematic education, leading the public transport companies' various undertakings to continue to advance, to promote the strength and excellence of state-owned enterprises, and to contribute to the transformation and development of the municipal transportation group.