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Lei Zhengyi, deputy general manager of Shanghai Municipal Transportation Group, listened to the report on the selection of new parking lots
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On the afternoon of November 19th, Lei Zhengyi, a member of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of the Municipal Transportation Group, went to Guiyang Smart Parking Industry Investment Development Co., Ltd. to investigate and study, heard a report on the selection of new parking lots, and gave work guidance.

Lei Zhengyi carefully listened to the preliminary report on the selection of 17 plots including the family district of the Provincial People's Hospital, Qingshan District, Century City Longxi Garden, and the College of Science and Technology of Guizhou University as the first batch of new parking lot selection sites. In accordance with specifications, project construction, payback period, etc., detailed analysis and discussion were carried out point by point. In the end, it was suggested to temporarily postpone the reporting of 4 relatively low feasibility points, and the remaining 13 points will be further detailed. Guiyang Transportation Commission for deliberation.

Lei Zhengyi emphasized that in order to alleviate the “difficult parking and parking disorder” status quo in Guiyang, smart parking companies must first be highly ideologically consistent with the municipal party committee and municipal government, and implement the decisions of the municipal party committee and municipal government without fail; secondly, science Design, make the plan detailed, practical, and thorough, and provide reliable support for the municipal government's decision-making; Thirdly, scientifically select sites, conduct in-depth investigations, minimize the difficulty of land acquisition, and ensure that new parking lots can be built as soon as possible by the municipal government. Construction started, which became a breakthrough to solve the parking problem in Guiyang and opened a new situation of static traffic in Guiyang.