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City Discipline Inspection Commission and City Supervision Commission's special second inspection team for "three transfers" went to the Municipal Communications Group to carry out inspections
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On the morning of November 29, the discipline inspection and supervision cadre of the Guiyang Discipline Inspection Commission and the Municipal Supervision and Inspection Commission carried out a special inspection team for the "three transfers" Zhou Jinwen and his party went to the Municipal Communications Group to carry out the "three transfers" situation inspection.

Yang Yukun, member of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Municipal Transportation Group, reported in detail on the development of the "three transfers". He pointed out that the Disciplinary Committee of the Transport Group attached great importance to the work of "three transfers" and seriously implemented the "three transfers" of the Central, Provincial and Municipal Committees Work requirements, strengthen coordination and communication, strengthen publicity and learning, unify thinking, find the role of disciplinary inspection and supervision, focus on the owner's responsibility, strengthen implementation, strengthen supervision and inspection, make every effort to perform supervision and discipline accountability, strengthen responsibility and coordinate and promote The construction of party style and clean government and anti-corruption work of the Communications Group.

After listening carefully to the report and work inspection, the comrades of the second inspection team affirmed the development of the "three transfers" work of the transportation group, and put forward guiding opinions, requesting to further accurately grasp the important content of the "three transfers" work. To strengthen supervision and discipline and not relax, continue to do a good job of discipline inspection and supervision.