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Attaching great importance to fully cooperating with the 2020 financial budget and statistics
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On December 27, 2019, Shang Lin, deputy general manager of the Transportation Group, organized a special conference on the final financial statements of 2019.

The meeting transmitted the "Notice of the Municipal SASAC on Doing a Good Job in the Compilation and Reporting of Financial Statements of Supervised Enterprises in 2019" and the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Compilation and Reporting of Financial Statements for the 2019 Annual Report". Annual financial work was arranged.

Shang Lin's requirements: All subsidiaries must attach great importance to reporting the first draft of the 2020 financial budget in accordance with the Group's production and operation goals for 2020 and the requirements of the budget management system to ensure that the budget work is completed before the first quarter of 2020; The level is communicated in place, the contact person is clearly defined, and monthly and annual reports and related materials are submitted in strict accordance with the requirements of the group company; all subsidiaries should attach great importance to statistical work and be equipped with statistical qualifications in accordance with the relevant requirements of the municipal government. Statisticians, learn statistical knowledge, strengthen statistical skills, report statistical data according to the actual situation, and do a good job of statistical work.