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Love the public transportation, caring, charity, true feelings
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Recently, Cao Jun, deputy general manager of Yongan Insurance Guizhou Branch, took the staff and brought 1,000 barrels (10L) of antifreeze to the Transportation Group Bus Material Company to send care and condolences to Guiyang Bus.

Yongan Insurance Guizhou Branch has a large business scale and strong comprehensive strength. In recent years, it has provided bus insurance and other related services for our company. Cao Jun said that Guiyang Public Transport provided high-quality services for ordinary people in Guiyang. Especially during the freezing period in winter, the drivers and masters of various lines insisted on their posts to overcome difficulties and spontaneously volunteered to defrost the frozen roads. Guaranteed the safe travel of ordinary people. To this end, he delivered antifreeze for Guiyang Bus on behalf of Yongan Insurance Guizhou Branch, and wanted to express his love and pay his respects to the bus people for their selfless dedication.

On behalf of the bus company, Qiu Zhongliang, the manager of the bus supplies company, accepted the donation from Yongan Insurance Guizhou Branch and expressed his sincere gratitude to the company. He said that he would live up to the care and love of all walks of life in society, and Guiyang Bus will continue to provide safety and quality to the people. At the same time, the material company will also do a good job of logistics support for operating vehicles, and strictly control the quality of operating vehicle materials, items, and consumables, so that people can travel safely and safely.

Cao Jun, deputy general manager of Yongan Insurance Guizhou Branch (pictured right)