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Transportation Group IOT Support Team Explores "Cooperative + Industry + Farmers" Support Model
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In order to implement the work of the Municipal Communications Group Party Committee on pairing and helping Xinfeng Village, Wulian Company, as the lead unit of the group company, pairing and helping Xinfeng Village, organized a task force to come to Xinfeng Village again on January 5, 2020. Research.

At the survey meeting, the working party and the Kaiyang County Party Committee Organization Department, Nanmudu Town Party Committee, agricultural technology experts, the first secretary of the village, and the village branch committees, around the selection of a leading industry, the establishment of a cooperative, proposed to help the village The "Implementation Plan for Developing and Strengthening the Collective Economy of the Village" involved in-depth discussions and careful research on industrial options, operation methods, agricultural product trade, and village collective operation management, and went to the kiwi base in Xinfeng Village to understand the farming and breeding in the village. status quo.

Through in-depth discussions and field observations, participants at the meeting made a sustainable development plan based on the actual conditions of the village, closely combined with market needs, further selected the leading industry development direction, and performed feasibility analysis and risk assessment in accordance with the laws and regulations to complete the preliminary application reporting period. Basic work, deepening potential advantages, forming a management team, building a guarantee system, optimizing structural adjustments, exploring new paths for the development of cooperatives, industries, and farmers to strengthen the collective economy of the village, allowing the majority of farmers to actively participate in the entire process of developing the collective economy of the village , Effectively transform resource advantages into economic advantages, and reach consensus on maximizing multi-channel, multi-level, diversified income increase, etc., to lay the foundation for the project to be launched as soon as possible and strive to make villagers enjoy a sense of gain and happiness in the process of rural revitalization basis.