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2020 “Commercial Building Materials Park Welcome Spring Painting and Calligraphy Conference” successfully concluded
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On the morning of January 3, 2020, the "Commercial Building Materials Park Welcome Spring Painting and Calligraphy Meeting" event was successfully held in the Commercial Building Materials Park of Guiyang Transportation Group, aiming to promote national culture and offer different blessings to the citizens on the occasion of the Spring Festival. At the event, leaders of the municipal SASAC, district functional departments, and municipal transportation group and other units gave speeches. Calligraphers and painters from all walks of life splashed on the scene, exchanged ideas, and pushed the Chinese traditional art culture to a climax.

At the calligraphy and painting conference, more than 10 well-known painters and painters were invited to the event site to paint splashes of ink. Whether it is painting or calligraphy, people are regarded as treasures, and the superb calligraphy and painting skills are amazing. The event set up five calligraphy and painting venues, displaying hundreds of fine paintings and calligraphy works, including landscape paintings, flowers, birds, grasses, insects, and grasses, and other works. The visitors in the hall watched and commented, and the cultural atmosphere was warm. Calligraphers and painters not only exchanged and interacted with lovers of calligraphy and painting, but also wrote Spring Festival couplets to the citizens who participated in the event.

The five exhibition venues of the Calligraphy and Painting Association are all brand stores of the Commercial Building Materials Park. The decoration style includes Chinese, modern, and European styles. It combines contemporary popular elements. Through the combination of traditional culture and home improvement building materials, it will provide Guiyang citizens. Showed a unique cultural reward, this is a rare attempt in the building materials industry across the country, this move was welcomed by the general public friends, everyone said that in the past, paintings and calligraphy works have always been considered to be only suitable for traditional Chinese decoration, in business Only in the storage building material park did we see that the outstanding calligraphy and painting works can truly be inclusive and integrated into any form and any decoration style. I hope that the business storage building material park can inherit this culture.

In this event, the painters and artists used a series of works to fully express their love for the party, praises for the prosperity and prosperity of the country, chants for the happiness and well-being of the people, and praises for the contemporary good life. At the same time, it also opened a new building materials home improvement industry Vision ...